Oak Cladding

 Laminated Timber

Laminated oak beams – the future of sustainable timber.

EC Forest Products specialise in supplying laminating Oak beams and manufacturing components to customer’s specifications. Working with Architects and other clients we have provided solutions to many projects, regardless of the scale of the project we are able to meet tight deadlines and deliver worldwide.

Utilising technological advances in finger jointing techniques and ultra durable glues, laminated hardwood beams represent a major breakthrough for the timber industry. Kiln dried and defect free, they are stronger, stiffer, and weigh less than standard lumber, making them particularly suitable for large spans, heavy loading and major construction projects.

Durable yet recyclable, our laminates represent an environmentally sensitive alternative to timber beams. They are only sourced from sustainable forests through specialist FSC or PEFC growers and represent a highly efficient use of timber resources.