Oak Cladding

 Exotic Hardwoods


Sourcing exotic woods from around the world.

There is no official definition of exotic wood, but generally it comes from trees considered rare or endangered or from stocks that do not yield large quantities of high standard timber. This timber is highly desirable to Craftsmen, furniture makers, Woodworkers and Architects because it is extremely well suited, both aesthetically and practically.
EC Forest Products carry a increasingly wide selection of exotic woods including Steamed Walnut, Burr Elm, Yew, Brown Oak, Rippled Sycamore, Lacewood and Steamed Pear. We have a network of reputable suppliers who supply timber from dead or fallen trees and not from unsustainable forests.
EC Forest Products’ staff have built up a great deal of expertise in this field and will always be available to give advice on the texture, suitability and care of each of the woods. Our Sawmill’s high-tech machinery also allows us to offer clients an amazing choice of pieces, produced according to their own specification.